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Morocco’s imperial cities have plenty of history and architectural treasures to attract travelers. They were once the shining capitals during the dynasties of Berber and Arabic families. Rabat is still the capital.

The eight-day tour from Rabat to Fes through Meknes and to Marrakech through Casablanca, will take you to the edge of wonder and into the luxuries of historic mansions. Experience history and discover the true marvels that create the soul of Morocco. From palaces, mosques and Medinas to gardens and mountains, you will see and experience the best of Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat.

Travelers have long been seduced by Morocco’s unique architecture, vivid colors and dizzying labyrinthine Medinas. With our expert guides and drivers, you will discover the spellbinding treasures of the imperial Cities.

A melting pot of Arabic, Jewish, Berber and European cultures, Morocco has many layers to explore. Its long history has seen Roman invasions, Islamic conquests and European colonization, all of which have left their mark on its culture, food, architecture and traditions.



Rabat is Morocco’s modern capital where the contrast between Medinas and post colonial architectures must be explored. Visit the Hassan tower, the Mohammed V mausoleum, royal palace and Ouadaya gardens.

DAY 3-4: FES

Drive to Fes via the sacred town of Moulay Idriss, and the impressive Roman site of Volubilis. The guided tour of Fes will take you into the heart of this extraordinary medieval walled city. It is an amazing of the Moroccan daily life activities.


Casablanca is of the largest and most important cities in Africa, Visit the Hassan II mosque, a glorious structure believed to be only second in size to Islam’s most important site, Mecca in Saudi Arabia. We will also make a brief stop at Rick’s Cafe.

DAY 6-7: Marrakech

Depart to Marrakech across the gorgeous scenery of the high Atlas mountains. It is Morocco’s fourth oldest imperial city and one of the world’s most enchanting cities. The walking tour includes the Koutoubia mosque, Djama’ Lefnan plaza, gardens  and museums.


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