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Since 2008, We at Travel 2 Morocco are proud to be Morocco’s premier in-country luxury tour operator who work hard to give you a rewarding, authentic, and unique cultural experience. From the immensity of the Sahara desert to the equally miraculous star spattered skies, wandering the labyrinthine souks of Marrakesh and Fes, your senses are awakened by the sound of tradespeople at work, the aroma of orange blossom and the kaleidoscope of rugs, scarves, and babouche shoes enticing passers-by. The Atlas mountains, dotted with tiny villages, make way for arid desert where nomads still eke out a living.
Morocco is a melting pot of Arabic, Jewish, Berber and European cultures. It has many layers to explore. Its long history has seen Roman invasions, Islamic conquests and European colonization, all of which have left their mark on its food, architecture and traditions. Throughout your private tours in Morocco you will be in great hands; our expert drivers and guides work with you to keep each day flexible, take you off-the-beaten path to see the best places, enjoy the history and culture, lounge in luxury trendy hotels Riads, meet the friendliest people and above all have the best Moroccan experience you will treasure forever.

Royal Palace, Fes

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