National Geographic on steroids!
Stunningly comprehensive tour of Morocco. Karim is a human database with unmatched knowledge of his country – historic, economic, cultural, and even geological. I had met Karim on a Delta flight and never forgot what he shared with me about the beauty of Morocco. There was no doubt that my bucket list trip to Morocco had to be with Karim and he absolutely delivered.
This tour was high-end (but not expensive). Two CEOs with spouses and we covered 1100 miles in 12 days so we pushed hard one one or two days. Our Mercedes van and driver were flawless. Lodging was as fine as any available wherever we stayed. Karim was always with us as our primary guide and we had additional subject matter experts at several locations. We have pictures that don’t look real… everyone thinks they’re photo shopped but they’re genuine.
I’ve travelled the world and enjoy gaining deep insight and knowledge wherever I go. I must have asked Karim 100+ questions ranging from historic leaders to botany and he always had a rich content response. I feel remiss as I intended to write the Moroccan Minister of Tourism to advise him of the incredible resource he had in Karim but return to work got in the way.
If I had just a few days I’d cover Marrakech and Fez. The Sahara is a big detour but it has to be seen with your own eyes. Reminds me of the mystical experience viewing the Taj Mahal !!

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